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Release of KDE 5_17.11 for SlackwareKDE-5_17.11
- PKGLIST updated with the list of available packages in this release (limited to slackware-current). - README updated. - README added for 'testing' repository.
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+Here is KDE 5_17.11_testing for Slackware, consisting of the
+KDE Frameworks 5.40.0, Plasma 5.11.3 and Applications 17.08.3
+on top of Qt 5.9.2.
+Upgrading from 5_17.10 or even 5_17.11 should be straight-forward.
+KDE-5_17.11_testing is meant to be installed on top of slackware -current.
+It is different from the 'regular' KDE_5.17.11 release in the sense that this
+'testing' release has a working Wayland support for Plasma5 on Slackware.
+To this purpose, the original Slackware packages 'mesa' and xorg-server'
+were recompiled to add Wayland support. Having to provide altered packages
+for mesa and xorg-server is not something I want to do for my regular 'ktown'
+repository because it may break your system at any time when Pat Volkerding
+pushes updates to Slackware-current.
+Because of the similarity between 'testing' and 'latest', I am not
+repeating the full README here - for upgrade instructions and NEWS please
+check the README file in the 'latest' section of the ktown repository.
+If you want to start a Wayland session, here is how you do it:
+- runlevel 3 (console): run the 'startkwayland' command as your regular user.
+- runlevel 4 (SDDM): select "Plasma (Wayland)" from the session dropdown
+ and then proceed to login.
+So far, I ran into these issues:
+- the graphical login through SDDM is not working correctly and currently
+ it is advised to use runlevel 3 instead. This needs fixes to SDDM as well
+ as ConsoleKit2.
+- dropbox does not start, unless you unset the QT_QPA_PLATFORM variable first
+- gnome-keyring does not start so you can not auto-login to skypeforlinux
+- hp-tray eats 100% CPU.
+Details about the 'testing' repository:
+In the old 'testing' release of August 2016 I had to add a 'elogind'
+package to provide a 'logind' DBus interface to kwin_wayland. That is no
+longer necessary. During the past year, I have talked to the ConoleKit2 (CK2)
+and the KWin developers and asked for an extension of CK2 DBus API which
+implements the logind DBus API required by KWin. That has been done and
+the KWin developers then added CK2 as an alternative in case systemd-logind
+is not present on the system.
+Which means, we do not need PAM nor systemd to make Wayland work on Slackware.
+The differences between 'KDE-5_17.11' and 'KDE-5_17.11_testing':
+Added packages:
+ Deps:
+ - wayland-protocols
+ - mesa (recompiled Slackware package to add wayland support)
+ - xorg-server (recompiled Slackware package to add wayland support)
+ - ConsoleKit2 (updated the Slackware package to 1.2.0 to get the new
+ logind DBus API support)
+Recompiled packages (in build order:
+ Deps:
+ - libxkbcommon
+ - qt5
+ Frameworks:
+ - kwayland
+ - plasma-framework
+ Plasma;
+ - kinfocenter
+ - kscreenlocker
+ - kwayland-integration
+ - libkscreen2
+ - plasma-desktop
+ - plasma-integration
+ - plasma-workspace
+ - powerdevil
+ - kwin
+The packages which have been recompiled to pick up Wayland support do not
+have the 'alien' tag. I have tagged them with the string 'wayland' instead.
+Only the added ConsoleKit2 and wayland-protocols packages in the 'deps/'
+section have the usual 'alien' tag.
+Update your slackpkg blacklist if needed.
+Only install this 'testing' release if you intend to help with getting
+Wayland working on Slackware. Otherwise, the 'latest' release is what
+you need.
+ Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 19-nov-2017