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author Eric Hameleers <>2014-12-22 15:07:05 +0100
committer Eric Hameleers <>2014-12-22 15:07:05 +0100
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KDE 4.8.4 for Slackware 14.0 (07jun2012)4.8.4
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diff --git a/kde/post-install/ b/kde/post-install/
index 68dd052..69952c7 100644
--- a/kde/post-install/
+++ b/kde/post-install/
@@ -8,6 +8,13 @@ chmod 0755 $PKG/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.kde
# Setup config files for KDM:
$PKG/usr/bin/genkdmconf --no-old --no-old-scripts --no-backup --in $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm
+# Add Slackware's standard xsessions path to kdmrc and remove the redundant
+# xsession files for XFCE (those are installed by the xcfe package):
+if ! grep -q "SessionsDirs=/usr/share/xsessions" $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc ; then
+ sed -i -e "/SessionsDirs=/s#SessionsDirs=\(.*\)\$#SessionsDirs=/usr/share/xsessions,\1#" $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc
+rm $PKG/usr/share/apps/kdm/sessions/xfce*.desktop
# Not allowing root to login at the console is just plain silly. If they
# have physical access to the machine, what's the point of trying to stop
# this? Even the kdmrc file says this is supposed to be the default.
@@ -16,11 +23,15 @@ sed -i 's/AllowRootLogin=false/AllowRootLogin=true/' \
# We are also not ready to create a separate 'kdm' non-root user:
sed -i 's/GreeterUID=kdm/#&/' \
+# Add a .new suffix so we don't mangle an existing file:
mv $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/kdmrc $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/
cp -a $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/Xsession $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/Xsession.orig
cat $CWD/post-install/kde-workspace/config/Xsession | sed -e "s#/lib#/lib${LIBDIRSUFFIX}#" \
> $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/Xsession
+# Add a .new suffix so we don't mangle an existing file:
mv $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/backgroundrc $PKG/usr/share/config/kdm/
# Move the KDM files someplace FHS compliant: