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Add support for on-disk OS configuration file
The configuration file must be in the liveslak main directory ('/liveslak' by default) and be called 'DISTRO_os.cfg' where DISTRO is the lower-case name of the distro ('slackware' by default). The following variables can be defined in the configuration file, one per line, in the format VAR=value: BLACKLIST, INIT, KEYMAP, LIVE_HOSTNAME, LOAD, LOCALE, LUKSVOL, NOLOAD, RUNLEVEL, TWEAKS, TZ, XKB. Since the configuration file is sourced by the live init script, it is OK to have comments in it that are prefixed with '#'.
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=== Media tweaks ===
+cfg=[skip|write] =>
+ Specify 'skip' to skip disk-based configuration file containing
+ OS parameters; or specify 'write' to write current OS parameters
+ to disk.
hostname=your_custom_hostname[,qualifier] =>
Specify a custom hostname. A qualifier 'fixed' can be appended
to prohibit hostname modification in case of network boot.