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XFCE: rename xbase.lst to x_base.lst
The order in which the squashfs modules were created should be respected when they are re-assembled to an overlay filesystem. The assembly is done in lexicographical order - therefore xbase.lst needed to be renamed to x_base.lst. Failing to adhere to the original assembly order causes weirdness. In my case it meant that the complete directory /usr/share/applications as contained in xapbase.lst was invisible in the resulting overlay, causing near-empty menus in XFCE. Also added several packages to x_base.lst that are now part of Slackware.
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@@ -168,11 +168,11 @@ SEQ_SLACKWARE="tagfile:a,ap,d,e,f,k,kde,kdei,l,n,t,tcl,x,xap,xfce,y pkglist:slac
# Stripped-down Slackware with XFCE as the Desktop Environment:
# - each series will become a squashfs module:
# Stripped-down Slackware with KDE4 as the Desktop Environment:
# - each series will become a squashfs module:
# List of Slackware package series with Plasma5 instead of KDE 4 (full install):
# - each will become a squashfs module: