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Add, a script to tweak the Live USB stick.
Purpose: to update the content of a Slackware Live USB stick. accepts the following parameters: -b|--nobackup Do not try to backup original kernel and modules. -d|--devices List removable devices on this computer. -h|--help This help. -i|--init <filename> Replacement init script. -k|--kernel <filename> The kernel file (or package). -m|--kmoddir <name> The kernel modules directory (or package). -n|--netsupport Add network boot support if not yet present. -o|--outdev <filename> The device name of your USB drive. -p|--persistence Move persistent data into new Live module. -r|--restore Restore previous kernel and modules. -s|--scan Scan for insertion of new USB device instead of providing a devicename (using option '-o'). -v|--verbose Show verbose messages. -w|--wait<number> Add <number> seconds wait time to initialize USB.
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@@ -1389,7 +1389,7 @@ fi
# Add our scripts to the Live OS:
mkdir -p ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/local/sbin
-install -m0755 ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/makemod ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/ ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/local/sbin/
+install -m0755 ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/makemod ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/ ${LIVE_TOOLDIR}/ ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/usr/local/sbin/
# Add PXE Server infrastructure:
mkdir -p ${LIVE_ROOTDIR}/var/lib/tftpboot/pxelinux.cfg