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* XFCE: remove unused glibc locales to conserve space. Eric Hameleers2016-11-091-0/+1
* XFCE: add tigervnc and HP printer support. Eric Hameleers2016-08-081-0/+3
* XFCE: shrink the ISO size to fit on CDROM medium again. Eric Hameleers2016-07-311-1/+1
* XFCE: add some network tools, remove some entertainment (to stay below 703MB). Eric Hameleers2016-05-051-3/+3
* XFCE: add 'js185' package to support mozilla-firefox. Eric Hameleers2016-03-151-0/+1
* XFCE: update the package list to match the changes in slackware-current. Eric Hameleers2016-02-051-1/+1
* Updated package list for the minimal XFCE ISO to keep it below 703MB (CDROM). Eric Hameleers2016-01-221-2/+2
* XFCE Live: keep up with new packages in Slackware-current. Eric Hameleers2016-01-141-0/+8
* Slackware Live Edition: initial commit.Beta2 Eric Hameleers2015-11-281-0/+32