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-FbTerm is a fast terminal emulator for linux with frame buffer device
-or VESA video card.
+FbTerm is a fast terminal emulator for linux with the frame buffer device
+or a VESA video card.
-* If you want to use shortcuts under FbTerm as a normal user, see
- the SECURITY NOTES section of the man page for solution.
+fbterm supports the mouse (provided gpm is running) and is able to
+share the console with (some) other applications, such as "mplayer -vo
+fbdev2". It also uses the same fonts as X, and renders them with lovely
+antialiasing like modern X terminals. fbterm has *much* better Unicode
+support than the plain Linux framebuffer console.
-* To enable FbTerm to redirect /dev/tty0 output to the pseudo terminal
- of current sub-window, see the same man page as above.
+Also included is a handy utility called checkfb, which simply checks
+for the presence and usability of the framebuffer device, and shows its
+resolution and bit depth.
+This package uses POSIX filesystem capabilities to execute with
+elevated privileges (required for keyboard shortcuts and console
+redirection). This may be considered a security risk. Please read
+ for more information. To disable
+capabilities, pass SETCAP=no to the script. See also the SECURITY
+NOTES section in the fbterm man page.