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Final KDE.SlackBuild harness, ready for the upcoming release of Plasma 5.2.0.
All bugs have bee ironed out I hope... Final changes: eigen2: updated to latest version so 'step' can compile. kde-workspace: required to build this, or else kdeartwork won't compile. Frameworks as well as Plasma use /usr/lib{,64} as the libexec directory (not sure if this is the best solution but it solves a lot of path issues). Applications: modified the build order so that KF5 applications are built first (before kde-workspace overwrites part of plasma-workspace). My final package set will not have kde-workspace but if you compile this yourself, your last step needs to be: # removepkg kde-workspace # upgradepkg --reinstall /path/to/plasma-workspace
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attica \
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LibRaw \
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eigen3 \
orc \
OpenAL \