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# Remove PAM related stuff:
rm -rf $PKG/etc/pam.d
-## Set the KDE4 theme 'elarun' as default, it gives the user more options:
-#sed -i -e "s/^CurrentTheme.*/CurrentTheme=elarun/" $PKG/etc/sddm.conf
-# Set the KDE5 theme 'breeze' as default, integrates better with Plasma 5:
-sed -i -e "s/^CurrentTheme.*/CurrentTheme=breeze/" $PKG/etc/sddm.conf
-# SDDM follows the systemd convention of starting the first graphical session
-# on tty1. We prefer the old convention where tty1 through tty6
-# are reserved for text consoles:
-cat <<EOT >> $PKG//etc/sddm.conf
-# Do not clobber existing configuration files:
-mv $PKG/etc/sddm.conf{,.new}