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2015-12-31Some package recompilations as a result of your feedback, thanks! Eric Hameleers2-1/+2
Also, three new packages have been added and one has been re-added. current/testing/deps: Updated OpenAL. current/testing/kde/applications: Rebuilt kde-runtime, kdenetwork-filesharing, kdesdk-thumbnailers, kdegraphics-thumbnailers, krfb, kamera, marble, ark, dolphin, kde-baseapps. current/testing/kde/applications: Added the missing baloo5-widgets. current/testing/kde/kdepim: Rebuilt kdepimlibs. current/testing/kde/plasma: Added bluez-qt,bluedevil (now that Slackware finally got updated to BlueZ 5)). current/testing/kde/plasma: Rebuilt plasma5-nm, plasma-workspace. current/testing/kde/plasma-extra: Re-added oxygen-fonts on request.
2015-12-17Updated/added deps for KDE-5_15.12 Eric Hameleers22-5/+768
Updated: OpenAL PyQt5 lmdb noto-font-ttf noto-cjk-font-ttf Added: sip libxkbcommon
2015-12-10KDE 5_15.11: recompilations as a result of major library updates in -current.5_15.11 Eric Hameleers21-21/+129
2015-11-19Deps rebuilt because of library changes in -current. Eric Hameleers2-2/+2
- libproxy - qca-qt5
2015-11-19Dependencies removed for KDE 5_15.11 because they are fulfilled by -current. Eric Hameleers16-1209/+0
- ConsoleKit2 - LibRaw - eigen2 - xapian-core
2015-10-15deps/telepathy/telepathy-glib: fix the slack-desc file. Eric Hameleers1-12/+12
2015-10-12kde/applications: enable KDE Telepathy and add all required dependencies. Eric Hameleers59-5/+2490
2015-10-11deps: use most recent versions of qca and wayland. Eric Hameleers2-9/+9
2015-09-16deps: added grantlee-qt4 (requirement for kdevelop) Eric Hameleers4-0/+130
Basically this is Slackware's Qt4 based grantlee, stripped of all the bits that are alreay provided by the new Qt5 based grantlee package. Without this, kdevelop refuses to start because of missing libraries.
2015-09-13Updated 'deps' for KDE 5_15.09_02 Eric Hameleers14-106/+665
LoginKit: removed. It was causing a minute-long delay on logout and display of the 'Leave' menu. ConsoleKit2 offers a systemd-logind API as well. ConsoleKit2: rebuilt with patches to make it work correctly on x86_64 (lib64). libproxy: added a rebuilt version of Slackware's package with KDE4 support removed, which prevents crashes in Qt5/KF5 applications which use libproxy (such as OwnCloud).
2015-09-02Updated deps for KDE-5_15.09 Eric Hameleers30-547/+611
Added: ConsoleKit2 LoginKit lmdb Removed (use the Slackware version): PyQt libepoxy sip Removed (no longer used); akonadi-qt5 grantlee-qt5
2015-08-11deps: In SlackBuild scripts, where present change 'armv7lh' to 'armv7hl'. Eric Hameleers11-11/+11
2015-08-11Update deps for KDE 5_15.07. Eric Hameleers2-1/+2
2015-06-14Prepare for the KDE 5_15.06 release for Slackware. Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
2015-05-30Deps: remove qt-gstreamer0 from the alldeps and updates build scripts. Eric Hameleers2-3/+6
There is no more need for qt-gstreamer0 in Plasma5 on slackware-current, and the content of this package clashed with the qt-gstreamer package anyway.
2015-04-30Refreshed all remaining deps for KDE 5_15.04. Eric Hameleers30-80/+223
2015-04-30New dependencies and updated Slackware packages required for KDE 5_15.04 : Eric Hameleers12-0/+647
Updated: * PyQt * sip New: * PyQt5 * cfitsio * grantlee-qt5
2015-04-30Remove all dependencies and extragear language files that have been Eric Hameleers68-5612/+0
folded into slackware-current as official packages.
2015-03-29KDE 5 dependencies updated for 5_15.03 release. Eric Hameleers10-0/+564
grantlee: required by kdepim 4.14.6 librevenge: needed by libwpd 0.10.0 libwpd: needed by calligra 2.9.1 libodfgen: needed by calligra 2.9.1
2015-02-25libssh: re-added as a dependency for kde-rumtime. Eric Hameleers4-13/+54
The version of libssh in Slackware is too old, and the 'sftp' kioslave ( will refuse to compile.
2015-02-25kglobalaccel: rebuilt. It had picked up a dependency on plasma-workspace Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
when compiling. The upgrade to Plasma 5.2.1 broke kglobalaccel. Reason: the kglobalaccel5 daemon has moved from plasma-workspace to kglobalaccel program.
2015-01-26Final KDE.SlackBuild harness, ready for the upcoming release of Plasma 5.2.0. Eric Hameleers6-11/+123
All bugs have bee ironed out I hope... Final changes: eigen2: updated to latest version so 'step' can compile. kde-workspace: required to build this, or else kdeartwork won't compile. Frameworks as well as Plasma use /usr/lib{,64} as the libexec directory (not sure if this is the best solution but it solves a lot of path issues). Applications: modified the build order so that KF5 applications are built first (before kde-workspace overwrites part of plasma-workspace). My final package set will not have kde-workspace but if you compile this yourself, your last step needs to be: # removepkg kde-workspace # upgradepkg --reinstall /path/to/plasma-workspace
2015-01-24Add support for GTK applications to dock to the Plasma 5 systray. Eric Hameleers11-1353/+704
json-glib: added dep - a JSON library built on glib.. libdbusmenu-gtk: added dep - GTK implementation of the DBusMenu protocol. libindicator: added dep - support functions for indicators. libappindicator: added dep - provides the actual Plasma 5 systray support for GTK applications.
2015-01-24Add support for Qt4 applications to dock to the Plasma 5 systray. Eric Hameleers21-0/+3595
qt-4.8.6: added dep; compared to the Slackware original, I have applied several patches to impement qsystemtrayicon support. sni-qt: added dep; this application actually provides the systray support for Qt4 apps in Plasma 5.
2015-01-23Plasma: updated to 5.2.0. Eric Hameleers4-0/+160
New dependency added: wayland (in order to compile KWin).
2015-01-15eigen3: since this package was upgraded, the BUILD nr should be "1" Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
2015-01-14eigen3: bump version to 3.2.3 Eric Hameleers1-4/+4
2015-01-14qca-qt5: bugfix update needed when building against Qt5 Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
2015-01-13Added exiv2-0.24 to the deps/ (requirement for kexiv2) Eric Hameleers4-0/+159
2015-01-13Fixed kdelibs4support compilation. Modified KDE.SlackBuild build order. Eric Hameleers2-2/+2
Additionally, bumped the versions of qca-qt5 to, and extra-cmake-modules to 1.6.1, in order to fix bugs in both programs which affect the KDE 5 build.
2015-01-11All packages have been built at least once. Some are failing. Eric Hameleers1-1/+2
The README file contains the log of problematic packages. TODO means, that I still have to create a fix. DOMNE means that the fix is in the source tree already. SKIP means that I will remove the package from the set. I am going to rebuild everything from scratch.
2015-01-09New dependency for kwin: libepoxy. Eric Hameleers5-5/+140
2015-01-09Prepare for new KDE 5: Frameworks 5.6.0, Plasma 5.1.2, Applications 14.12.0. Eric Hameleers74-666/+3053
KDE 5_1501 ========== This is going to be KDE 5 for Slackware-current, composed of Frameworks 5.6.0, Plasma 5.1.2 and Applications 14.12.0. Note that there is still a lot of KDE 4 stuff in here, which is necessary to support all the Applications that have not yet been ported to KDE Frameworks 5. The Applications 15.04 (march 2015) release should offer a lot more KF5 ports. Preliminary build procedure (not verified 100% yet): ---------------------------------------------------- - (crude) get rid of Slackware's KDE: removepkg /var/log/packages/*-4.10.5-* - build all the deps using "updates.SlackBuild" script in the "deps/" directory - note that extra-cmake-modules is required here as well as when building the frameworks, so I just copied it from frameworks to deps. - logoff/login to activate Qt5 profile script. - removepkg akonadi-qt5 or else kdepimlibs-4.14.3 picks up Qt5 dependencies and its compilation will fail as a result - build all the KDE 4 stuff in the "kde/" directory, using "./KDE.SlackBuild kde libs kdebase:nepomuk-core kdepimlibs kdebase kdebindings kdebase:kde-workspace k depim extragear" - installpkg akonadi-qt5 - build the remaining KDE 5 stuff in the "kde/" directory, using "./KDE.SlackBui ld frameworks plasma plasma-extra polkit-kde applications" - build kdei ============================================================================== Eric Hameleers / alien at slackware dot com / 09-jan-2015
2014-12-22KDE 5 for Slackware current (post-14.1) (16sep2014)5 Eric Hameleers68-1691/+1393
The KDE 5 Software Compilation no longer exists as such. The components are now: - Frameworks 5.2.0 - Plasma 5.0.2 These packages need to be installed on top of the most recent KDE 4.14.x because Applications tarballs which build on top of Frameworks and Plasma have not yet been released.
2014-12-22KDE 4.14.3 for Slackware current (post-14.1) (11nov2014) Eric Hameleers22-4/+1415
2014-12-22KDE 4.13.3 for Slackware 14.1 (23aug2014)4.13.3 Eric Hameleers13-0/+537
2014-12-22KDE 4.12.5 for Slackware 14.1 (27apr2014)4.12.5 Eric Hameleers4-0/+142
2014-12-22KDE 4.11.5 for Slackware 14.1 (06jan2014)4.11.5 Eric Hameleers40-1735/+1
2014-12-22KDE 4.10.5 for Slackware 14.0 (02jul2013)4.10.5 Eric Hameleers26-9/+1130
2014-12-22KDE 4.9.5 for Slackware 14.0 (02jan2013)4.9.5 Eric Hameleers28-0/+1432
2014-12-22KDE 4.8.4 for Slackware 14.0 (07jun2012)4.8.4 Eric Hameleers91-4381/+0
2014-12-22KDE 4.7.4 for Slackware 13.37 (06dec2011)4.7.4 Eric Hameleers47-86/+2031