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Added support for separate configuration of X keyboard layout/variant.
New parameter for the boot commandline: xkb=[language],variant Examples: # Only specify a Xkbvariant, and inherit the console keyboard layout in X: kbd=nl xkb=,sundeadkeys # Define a 'french swiss' layout in X, independent of the console: xkb=ch,fr Two new keyboard/language choices have been added which use this functionality: - german swiss - french swiss (requested by Niki Kovacs). New: if a non-US keyboard layout is selected, the US layout will be added as a secondary layout. Toggling between the two layouts is possible using the Shift-LeftAlt key combo. Also new: the RightAlt key is now defined as the Compose Key in X. Meaning, the combo <RightAlt><"><e> will generate a 'ë character'.
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