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* Add a post-install customization hook to 'setup2hd'. Eric Hameleers2016-04-171-0/+80
A new file 'setup2hd.local' has been added to the liveslak sources. If you do not touch that one, it will be copied to: /usr/share/${LIVEMAIN}/setup2hd.$DISTRO.sample and serve as just that, a sample script. If on the other hand you rename the file to 'setup2hd.$DISTRO' before generating your ISO image ($DISTRO being the name of your own distro, like 'CINELIVE'), then this file will be installed in the ISO as /usr/share/${LIVEMAIN}/setup2hd.$DISTRO and this will be sourced by 'setup2hd' providing you a custom post-install customization hook for your own Live distro. Usage instructions are inside 'setup2hd.local'.