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The Slovene Woman (4:26)
Rekapitulacija 80-84

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Kaltbruchig Acideath     SPK     Industrial        Information Overload Unit     4:35    
All I wanna know     UK Subs     Punk        Another kind of Blues     1:46    
Nescio     The Nits     Other        Urk CD1     5:57    
My shit behooves me     Hilt     Industrial        The worst of the flu 1985-1996     6:27    
Suite in F-5.Gavotte     Marijke Meissen     Classical Period        French Music 18th century     0:56    
Sakharov     Jah Wobble     Other        Psalms     3:06    
After All     The Mission     Gothic Rock        Goth Oddity - A Tribute To David Bowie     5:04    
In My Time OF Dyin'     Shocking Blue     Rock        Dream On Dreamer & Good Times     3:39