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Head Of David - 02 - pierced all over (4:44)
Head of David
White Elephant (1989)


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Track 17     Nine Inch Nails            Brixton Academy 29-11-99     10:54    
Pista 01     pragVEC            No Cowboys     1:48    
Moby - New Dawn Fades [Joy Division Cover]                    5:34    
She Shook Me Cold     David Bowie     Rock        The Man Who Sold The World (Ryko Au20 Gold Disc)     4:17    
Blume (French version)     Einsturzende Neubauten     Industrial        Malediction     4:38    
Track 13     Zion Train     Reggae        Natural Wonders of the World in dub     3:19    
Die Brucke Ins Licht (Interlude)     E Nomine     Cult        Die Prophezeiung     0:33    
Covered     Public Image Ltd.     Alternative        That What Is Not     4:40