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Huricane Fighter Plane (10:03)
Alien Sex Fiend
Too Much Acid?

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Circuitry     Frontline Assembly     Industrial        Hard Wired     5:56    
Ultra-Lounge 14 - Bossa Novaville - 11 - Si Zentner - Desafinado     John            Ultra Lounge - Bossa Novaville     2:25    
Boulmamine     Orchestra Baobab     Ethnic        Bamba     5:56    
The Neutral     Sonic Youth     Alternative Rock        Rather Ripped [UK]     4:09    
Burger Bar Baby     Alien Sex Fiend     Gothic        Curse     0:58    
The Room I Am In     Public Image Ltd.     Indie Rock        This is PiL     3:07    
41:19     Public Enemy     Rap        There's A Poison Goin On...     3:55    
Jack The Ripper     Motorhead     Heavy Metal        March Or Die     4:39