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Liars (Feed those Christians to the Lions) (6:19)
Monte Cazazza
The Worst of Monte Cazazza

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Brownian Interplay     Petar Dundov     House, Techno, Trance        Ideas From The Pond     12:54    
Funkdrumz (New Track)     Bass Mekanik     Electronic        Powerbox- Bassest Hits     4:01    
Da Schpeieten Sie     Bach - Matthaus Passion     Klassiek        Bach Edition: St. Matthew Passion BWV 244 Part 2     0:14    
Riot     Dead Kennedys     Punk        Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust Inc     5:58    
Bach: Concerto In C Minor For 2 Harpsichords, BWV 1060 - 2. Adagio     Rachel Podger, Andrew Manze: Academy Of Ancient Music     Miscellaneous        Bach: Violin Concertos     4:48    
the ashen forest     2010            SLAB 2010     4:10    
Prayer     The Durutti Column     Indie        The Best Of The Durutti Column - CD1     3:24    
Travels in Nihilon     XTC            Black Sea     6:56