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Saheliyan (7:06)
Gurdas Maan

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You And The Night And The Music     Little Annie     Reggae        Short, Sweet And Dread     3:30    
Society     Ruts     Punk        In A Can     1:55    
The Big Boss Of Dubs - Tommy McCook & The Aggrovators     Tommy McCook & the Aggrovators     General Reggae        Trojan Dub Box Set (Disc 3)     2:58    
48 Bi     N-Factor     Alternative        Vibes from no go area     4:25    
Love Will Tear Us Apart     Joy Division     Punk        Remains     3:16    
Garbageman     The Cramps     Rock & Roll        Off The Bone     3:31    
Balance     Adrian Sherwood     Electronic        Survival & Resistance     3:21    
Laibach - Juno reactor version                Laibach     7:37