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Seventh Sign (3:57)
Juliette & the Licks
You're Speaking My Language

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F.I.A.T.     Laibach     Industrial        Opus Dei     5:12    
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da     The Police     Rock        Every Breath You Take - The Singles     4:07    
Persisches Cowboy Golf     Der Plan     Other        Geri Reig     1:18    
Sparrow's Nest     Little Axe     Reggae        London Blues     3:52    
homesick     oval     Electronic        Oh     1:06    
Endless Dream (Viruz-V Chillout Remix)     Conjure One feat. Poe     Ambient; Downtempo        Extraordinary Ways (Special Edition)     4:59    
Come Visit The Big Bigot     Severed Heads     Unclassifiable        Come Visit The Big Bigot (with Dead Eyes Opened)     3:28    
Beautiful Dream     Uriah Heep     Hard Rock        Heep, Heep, Heep... Uriah! (1970-1976)     4:53