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Add support for building Plasma5 on a PAM-ified Slackware
The variable SLACKPAM is set to "yes" in kde/kde.options if PAM is found installed on the system. Otherwise it is set to "no" and this is meant to add support for PAM. These packages will be supplied by a pam-ified Slackware, so they should not be installed from 'ktown': deps:ConsoleKit2,cracklib,libpwquality These packages will react to SLACKPAM variable setting: plasma:kscreenlocker,plasma-workspace plasma-extra:sddm-qt5 Uncomment in kde/modules/plasma and compile: plasma:kwallet-pam
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+auth include system-auth
+auth include postlogin
+account include system-auth
+password include system-auth
+session include system-auth
+session required
+session optional nox11
+session include postlogin