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* Slackware Live Edition: version Eric Hameleers2017-01-261-1/+1
* Bump the version to (development version for QA testing) Eric Hameleers2017-01-241-1/+1
* PLASMA5: add several new packages I forgot earlier. Eric Hameleers2017-01-241-0/+4
* Merge branch 'dlack' Eric Hameleers2017-01-236-3/+308
* | pkglists: modifications for the new Plasma 5 and its dependencies. Eric Hameleers2017-01-232-9/+44
* | pkglists: add packages that are new to slackware-current. Eric Hameleers2017-01-233-1/+7
* | The liveinit script is a template too and cannot be used as-is. Eric Hameleers2017-01-232-1/+1
* | Make it obvious that some scripts are templates and cannot be used as-is. Eric Hameleers2017-01-233-2/+2
* | Add '2017' to the copyright statements. Eric Hameleers2017-01-235-5/+5
* | setup2hd: more polishing of the Slackware installer scripts. Eric Hameleers2017-01-231-2/+16
* | setup2hd: fix a copy/paste error. Eric Hameleers2017-01-221-1/+1
* | setup2hd: patch (e)liloconfig on the target to remove hardcoded /mnt Eric Hameleers2017-01-221-0/+7
* | Add 'ntfs' module to the initrd for mounting NTFS partitions (read-only). Eric Hameleers2017-01-101-1/+1
| * DLACK: improve first-boot experience.dlack Eric Hameleers2017-01-021-0/+8
| * DLACK: Add console keymap default setting for localectl. Eric Hameleers2017-01-011-0/+2
| * DLACK: create a default config for localectl. Eric Hameleers2017-01-012-0/+3
| * DLACK: ibus needs to be installed before gdm to prevent an error. Eric Hameleers2017-01-011-1/+2
| * DLACK: updated the package list. Eric Hameleers2017-01-011-0/+4
| * pkglist for dlackware: use '/var/cache/liveslak' to store repository mirrors. Eric Hameleers2016-12-312-2/+2
| * Merge branch 'master' into dlack. Eric Hameleers2016-12-3111-11/+29
| |\ | |/ |/|
* | pkglists: add alien's restricted repository. Eric Hameleers2016-12-283-3/+9
* | pkglist configuration: use '/var/cache/liveslak' to store repository mirrors. Eric Hameleers2016-12-288-8/+20
| * (e)liloconfig: only try to patch these scripts if they are contained in the ISO. Eric Hameleers2016-12-161-2/+6
* | (e)liloconfig: only try to patch these scripts if they are contained in the ISO. Eric Hameleers2016-12-161-2/+6
| * DLACK: add Dlackware as a DE choice when generating the ISO. Eric Hameleers2016-12-155-3/+290
* pkglists: add 'bash-completion' to the 'slackextra' package list. Eric Hameleers2016-12-151-0/+1
* MATE: libpeas is a new package in Mate 1.17. Eric Hameleers2016-12-131-0/+1
* Make it possible to replace a package instead of simply upgrading it. Eric Hameleers2016-12-131-5/+15
* Make setting of the root & live user's password a bit safer. Eric Hameleers2016-12-131-2/+2
* Cinnamon: update the package list and repository info for Cinnamon 3.2. Eric Hameleers2016-12-112-4/+12
* libXfont2 was added to Slackware recently. Eric Hameleers2016-12-102-0/+2
* PLASMA5: gpgme and syntax-highlighting added to the package list. Eric Hameleers2016-12-102-0/+5
* Slackware Live Edition: version Eric Hameleers2016-12-081-1/+1
* README.txt: fix the URL of the Porteus web site. Eric Hameleers2016-12-081-1/+1
* pkglists/cinnamon.conf: add a remote rsync URI for the cinnamon repository. Eric Hameleers2016-11-301-1/+6
* liloconfig is in /sbin - not in /usr/sbin . Eric Hameleers2016-11-301-1/+1
* README.txt: mention harddisk installation option in the Preface. Eric Hameleers2016-11-291-1/+1
* (e)liloconfig need patching to make them work properly on Slackware Live. Eric Hameleers2016-11-163-1/+50
* The new release of LXQT requires modifications in the package set. Eric Hameleers2016-11-163-0/+8
* MATE: switch back to a proper repository URL. Eric Hameleers2016-11-161-5/+2
* XFCE: remove unused glibc locales to conserve space. Eric Hameleers2016-11-092-0/+16
* Slackware Live Edition: version Eric Hameleers2016-11-091-1/+1
* show a bit more version information during a refresh cycle. Eric Hameleers2016-11-091-2/+14
* Make the name 'min' of the minimal package list customizable. Eric Hameleers2016-11-093-7/+22
* PLASMA5: use the 'latest' instead of the 'testing' repository. Eric Hameleers2016-11-091-1/+1
* sshfs was added to Slackware-current. Eric Hameleers2016-11-091-0/+1
* get rid of hard-coded pathnames and use $PATH to find programs. Eric Hameleers2016-11-081-26/+28
* Slackware Live Edition: version Eric Hameleers2016-08-221-1/+1
* PLASMA5: add 'VARIANT' variable; sync package list to the 'testing' repo. Eric Hameleers2016-08-222-2/+10
* Added package lists and repository info for the LXQT desktop environment. Eric Hameleers2016-08-224-0/+145