BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterREADME: also mention that kpat was removed and why Eric Hameleers12 days
5_18.09Release of KDE 5_18.09 for Slackware Eric Hameleers13 days
5_18.08Release of KDE 5_18.08 for Slackware Eric Hameleers5 weeks
5_18.07Release of KDE 5_18.07 for Slackware Eric Hameleers6 weeks
testingAkonadi needs a rebuild against new qt5 to fix its sqlite3 backend Eric Hameleers3 months
5_18.06Release of KDE 5_18.06 for Slackware Eric Hameleers3 months
5_18.05Release of KDE 5_18.05 for Slackware Eric Hameleers4 months
5_18.04Release of KDE 5_18.04 for Slackware Eric Hameleers5 months
5_18.03Release of KDE 5_18.03 for Slackware Eric Hameleers5 months
5_17.11KDE 5_17.11: Fix vulnerability in plasma-workspace Eric Hameleers7 months
KDE-5_18.09ktown-KDE-5_18.09.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.09.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers13 days
KDE-5_18.08ktown-KDE-5_18.08.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.08.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers5 weeks
KDE-5_18.07ktown-KDE-5_18.07.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.07.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers6 weeks
KDE-5_18.06ktown-KDE-5_18.06.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.06.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers3 months
KDE-5_18.05ktown-KDE-5_18.05.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.05.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers4 months
KDE-5_18.04ktown-KDE-5_18.04.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.04.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers5 months
KDE-5_18.03ktown-KDE-5_18.03.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.03.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers5 months
KDE-5_18.02ktown-KDE-5_18.02.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.02.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers7 months
KDE-5_18.01ktown-KDE-5_18.01.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_18.01.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers8 months
KDE-5_17.12ktown-KDE-5_17.12.tar.gz  ktown-KDE-5_17.12.tar.xz   Eric Hameleers9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
12 daysREADME: also mention that kpat was removed and whyHEADmaster Eric Hameleers1-0/+2
12 daysAdd a 'removepkg kpat' since we do not ship its package anymore Eric Hameleers1-1/+3
13 daysRelease of KDE 5_18.09 for SlackwareKDE-5_18.095_18.09 Eric Hameleers2-701/+701
13 daysThe syndication package moved from kdepim to frameworks Eric Hameleers2-1/+1
13 daysUpdated applications-extra:kdevelop Eric Hameleers1-1/+0
13 daysDisable applications/kpat package because it requires fc-solver Eric Hameleers1-1/+2
13 daysDisable patch that has been applied upstream Eric Hameleers1-1/+2
13 daysPackage updates as a result of poppler bump to 0.68.0 Eric Hameleers4-4/+4
2018-08-17Cryfs also needs a rebuild against the new boost in -current Eric Hameleers1-1/+1
2018-08-16Release of KDE 5_18.08 for SlackwareKDE-5_18.085_18.08 Eric Hameleers2-689/+696