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* Merge branch 'elogind'HEADmaster Eric Hameleers2020-07-31628-27720/+2855
| * Release of KDE 5_20.08 for SlackwareKDE-5_20.08elogind5_20.08 Eric Hameleers2020-07-312-805/+813
* | Release of KDE 5_20.06 for SlackwareKDE-5_20.065_20.06 Eric Hameleers2020-07-301-93/+115
| * xdg-desktop-portal-kde: enable pipewire Eric Hameleers2020-07-301-1/+1
| * SDDM: install man pages in the correct location and compress them Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-1/+2
| * Deps: remove updates.SlackBuild and update alldeps.SlackBuild Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-109/+2
| * Deps: recompiled speech-dispatcher Eric Hameleers2020-07-301-2/+2
| * Deps: updated dbus and qca-qt5 Eric Hameleers2020-07-303-4/+5
| * Remove packages that moved into Slackware proper Eric Hameleers2020-07-3025-2150/+0
| * Add scripts to fetch tarballs of krita and wacomtablet Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-0/+104
| * deps/mlt needed a recompilation against Qt 5.15 to fix broken kdenlive Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-1/+54
| * Deps: add pipewire as a new dependency for krfb and xdg-desktop-portal-kde Eric Hameleers2020-07-304-0/+179
| * Reset KDE BUILD numbers in preparation for the next batch Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-2/+0
| * Cleanup unused KDE patches Eric Hameleers2020-07-30179-23375/+1
| * kdelibs: fix for the relocated grantlee-qt4 includes Eric Hameleers2020-07-303-47/+14
| * Ktorrent: fix linking error and fix systray icon visibility Eric Hameleers2020-07-303-0/+279
| * plasma-wayland-protocols: add a missing protocol version bump Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-0/+62
| * KDEBUG 423003: prevent krunner crash Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-0/+58
| * Falkon: fix compilation against Qt 5.15 Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-0/+22
| * Calligraplan: fix compilation against Qt 5.15 Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-11/+12
| * Baloo: disable indexing by default Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-3/+14
| * Ark: apply patch for CVE-2020-16116 Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-5/+50
| * Refreshing all KDE slack-desc files Eric Hameleers2020-07-30383-1226/+1225
| * KDav: moved from Kdepim to Frameworks Eric Hameleers2020-07-302-1/+1
* Fix KDEBUG 423093 Eric Hameleers2020-06-187-1/+69
* The Plasma X11 session needs to be started through dbus-run-session Eric Hameleers2020-06-182-3/+12
* Let's add that second '=' ;-) Eric Hameleers2020-06-181-1/+1
* Deps/elogind: do not modify rc.local Eric Hameleers2020-06-171-10/+11
* Deps/elogind: build the man pages Eric Hameleers2020-06-171-1/+1
* Applications: build konsole before kate Eric Hameleers2020-06-171-1/+1
* Applications/konsole: remove upstreamed patches Eric Hameleers2020-06-171-4/+4
* Deps/xorg-server: refresh the build script Eric Hameleers2020-06-175-12/+414
* Plasma/xdg-desktop-portal-kde: disable pipewire support Eric Hameleers2020-06-171-0/+24
* Powerdevil: rename polkit rules files according to the post-install script Eric Hameleers2020-06-172-0/+0
* Deps/grantlee-qt4 SlackBuild polished for an overdue rebuild Eric Hameleers2020-06-171-8/+18
* Add exiv2 to the 'alldeps' and 'updates' build scripts Eric Hameleers2020-06-172-0/+2
* Powerdevil: add a missing '$' to the post-install script Eric Hameleers2020-06-171-1/+1
* Reset the BUILD numbers for the next batch of packages Eric Hameleers2020-06-174-4/+0
* Add plasma-wayland-protocol as a dependency for the new kwayland-server Eric Hameleers2020-06-174-0/+40
* deps/elogind: add a 'start' argument to the rc script Eric Hameleers2020-06-171-1/+1
* deps/util-linux: get rid of compressed patches in the git repo Eric Hameleers2020-06-1717-9/+6737
* Deps to rebuild, so let's polish the SlackBuild scripts too Eric Hameleers2020-06-163-32/+48
* Plasma powerdevil: fix the polkit rules and install them correctly Eric Hameleers2020-06-163-13/+13
* Deps/libsass: do not ship .la files Eric Hameleers2020-06-091-0/+3
* Patch konsole to fix segfaults Eric Hameleers2020-06-084-0/+109
* Proposed changes for a migration from ConsoleKit2 to elogind Eric Hameleers2020-06-0872-175/+2227
* Release of KDE 5_20.05 for SlackwareKDE-5_20.055_20.05 Eric Hameleers2020-05-262-733/+714
* Change remaining PRGNAM -> PKGNAM variables Eric Hameleers2020-05-267-22/+22
* deps/speech-dispatcher: rebuilt for proper installation of .info files Eric Hameleers2020-05-261-0/+3
* Deps/cryfs: rebuilt due to new boost libraries Eric Hameleers2020-05-261-2/+2